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A Brief History

Brief History
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If you'd like to know a little about how Christ has blessed us with opportunities to serve Him, you can read about our start, our church planting, our planting of a Crisis Pregnancy Center and more church planting.

Our Start

We were working with the Youth at Calvary Temple Church in Terre Haute IN, when we felt that God was calling us into full time missionary work.  After talking it over with our pastor we came into agreement that we would serve as missionaries to Russia. <back>

Church Planting

We sold almost all of our possessions at public auction and departed for Russia in 1997.  We arrived in Syzran, Russia and started working to start a church (it was a re-birth) as at one time there was a church but it had not functioned for quite a while.  That early church "Rock of Salvation" was a good experience for us.  I wish I could say that all was just wonderful but that would be less than honest.  God grew us through those early challenges.  We were able to bring together a body of believers and we bought a building that we then remodeled into a church.  Today that church still stands with its own pastor. <back>

Crisis Pregnancy Center

During our time with our first Church God placed on our hearts the need for us to reach out to our city in the form of a Crisis Pregnancy Center.  The Center of Life was formed.  We were able with the help of our dear friends and sponsors to buy a property in a good location and remodel an old house into a modern building that stands out as a shining light to our city. 

In 2004 we had at least 10 babies born that would not have been if we had not been there. We averaged about 15 visits a month by women seeking help.  We expanded our Center to also take care of material needs for mothers as a lot of the reasons that women in Russia seek abortion are because they do not have the resources to take care of the babies.

We also have given aide and medicine, diapers, formula and other material helps to a special hospital that takes care of abandoned babies.  In November and December we have worked with an organization that helps mothers and children in our city.  We have served well over 225 women and children though our center this year alone.  This was all done while finishing construction.

This year we already have plans to put in a phone and a bathroom (already done except for the pluming) to make this center one of a kind.  We have had people from 4 other cities come to us and ask to see how we operated.  We have given them information and offered help for them to start their own centers. Our Center has been operating for since 2000. <back>

More Church Planting

After "Rock of Salvation" was settled we felt God leading us to start another church in a different section of the city here in Syzran. It took over a year and a half for us to officially register our new Church "Alive Faith" That is now our current work in progress.  We are training a pastor to take over this work now. <back>

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